Many people wonder if they should install a scale inhibitor or a standard water softener in their home. Each of them will perform a different task. Most of the people that get their water from a well will have large amounts of calcium and magnesium and their water. This can lead to lime scale deposits in the water supply and pipes. If this continues to get worse, it can reduce energy efficiency, and actually damage your plumbing and appliances. For this reason, people will choose a scale inhibitor instead of a water softener if they are only considered about the physical ramifications of having too many minerals in the water coming into their home.

Why Should You Get A Water Softener?

Instead of a scale inhibitor, you might want to install a water softener which can actually extract the minerals from the water itself. This way, you are drinking water just as you would if you were to purchase it at a store. It is going to be virtually mineral free. This can also provide the added benefit of removing the minerals that would otherwise stick to the side of your pipes causing the scale buildup. However, if you do invest in a water softener, especially for your entire home, these typically cost more than a scale inhibitor which does not actually remove the minerals from the water.

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Which One Should You Get?

You should consider getting either one of these if your goal is to protect your pipes. If your main goal is to protect your family from having too many minerals in your pipes, then a water softener will solve both problems. As long as you have the money to do so, you should install a whole house water softener that can take care of excessive mineralization. It’s a great way to protect your family, and your plumbing, if you have water that is heavily mineralized.