Your social security number is a unique nine digit number that is issued to citizens of the United States, as well as to those who are permanent residents, and to those who have temporary residency with the ability to work.

How Important is Your Social Security Number?

Your social security number is essential, because it is used to track your income, your lifetime earnings, and how long you have worked. You will need to provide your social security number to claim certain benefits, and it will be used to calculate things like retirement benefit.

Most people will have the same social security number for the whole of their life, because it is a unique social security number that is tied to them and only them. Some people do need to request a new social security number however – for example if they have suffered from identity theft and want to make sure that their records are accurate.

When Will You Need Your Social Security Number?

You will need to provide your social security number to the accounting department when you start a new job. Employers that participate in E-Verify will not employ someone who does not have a social security number, so if you do not have one or forget what yours is, you would not be able to work for a major employer.

Another occasion where you may need a social security number is to open an account with a financial institution based in the United States. Financial institutions will use your SSN to perform credit checks and to report income or losses to the inland revenue. Some financial institutions will accept an EIN or a taxpayer identification number in lieu of an SSN.

When you apply for a federal loan, such as the federal student loan, you will be asked to provide your social security number. This is so that they can check that you have are not in default on any existing federal loan, and that you have the right eligibility status.

Your social security number will also be required if you wish to claim unemployment benefits or disability incomes, and if you enroll in Medicare.

What To Do If You Forget Your Social Security Number

If you forget your social security number, you can request a new card that has it printed on it. The SSA will issue social security cards for free, but you are limited to just ten cards in your lifetime. This means that you should make an effort to memorise the number, and to keep your card in a safe place. There is no need to keep your social security card in your wallet – this just increases the risk of it going missing, and makes it more likely that any thief would be able to use the number along with bank cards or other personal data to commit identity theft. Leave the card at home in a secure, safe place, and take it out only when you need to check the details on it. So, order SS card online for quick approval.