Working at a boutique investment bank is a great way to break into finance and to build a portfolio that will be quite impressive on your resume. Although there are many different options available for working at such a location, one that is often considered is being an analyst. Investment banking analysts typically offer benefits to the company because they work in specific types of markets. They will be out there, talking to  executives and other business investors in order to try to get some investments rolling that ultimately, will benefit the investment company where they work.

What kind of salary can you expect for an Investment Banking?

If you are considering becoming an investment banking analyst, you are likely wondering about the average salary that you will be earning. As is the case with many different types of positions within the finance industry, the amount of money that you make is going to vary widely depending upon a number of different factors. Those factors include the area where you are working, how much of a bonus they offer and even the size of the boutique investment bank that you are considering.

As an example, it is not out of the question for a analyst at a larger firm to earn a base salary of approximately 75K. This is a good starting salary and you may even find that you are increasing, as you show your worth to the company. On top of your base salary is going to be a bonus and this is often the area where the amount differs significantly from one firm to another.

Things To Keep in mind if you are considering Analyst as a career

Investment Banks Analyst Salary

If you work for a small business investment bank as an analyst, you may be able to get a bonus that is approximately 30% of your annual income. Some people are going to be happy with this figure, especially considering that it can be easier to work for a smaller firm and there may be other perks that are associated with doing so. If you work for a larger firm, however, the bonus may be significantly higher. Keep these things in mind if you are considering this career.