Why worry about buying an FPGA board or a chip when Intel is doing all the work for you? In all seriousness, if you know anything about these chips or field programmable gate arrays, you know that what companies like Intel are doing is just going to benefit you, too. That doesn’t mean that you as a programmer won’t want to take advantage of buying and using these FPGAs. In fact, you may now have more of a reason than ever to do so.

Intel And Microsoft Taking Advatage From FPGAs

Companies like Intel and Microsoft are trying to glimpse into the future. But let’s be clear, they are taking advantage of the benefits of these FPGAs right now. Intel has announced that they are making use of them in their data centers, and that should tell you where we are headed. If a big company like Intel is embracing the use of this type of technology, many people will follow.

Hstory OF FPGAs

What’s interesting, too, is taking a look at the history of FPGAs. It wasn’t long ago that they were used for many types of applications in other industries, yet GPUs were preferred in the tech world. What changed? Well, the changes have everything to do with why big tech companies are now putting out press releases about their ideas for innovation using these FPGAs.

As a matter of fact, you can read all about Intel’s plans for their FPGA boards. And companies like Microsoft have introduced new applications for FPGA boards at their conferences. The tech world is taking notice. Usually, it is big companies that start a wave like this, and then everything trickles down. Well, that is kind of what is happening now, but again, people or programmers I should say have been buying these Xilinx chips for quite some time.

Using FPGAs: Reason

The technology just had to make sense for big companies like Intel to use them in data centers and for other applications. Now it does, so it appears we are really at the beginning of this transition. It also appears that cloud computing has everything to do with the reasoning behind using these FPGAs. Are GPUs also still being used, or are they on their way out now entirely? I wouldn’t say that, but it is for sure that Xilinx products are getting major attention and rightfully so. Just how much they are used in the future no doubt will have everything to do with what the big companies like Intel do next. To know more about products vist products professionals at http://www.directics.com/xilinix-fpga/