Bird watching is an amazing activity that not only opens you up to the wonders of the animal world but also gives enthusiasts the opportunity to observe rarities in person. There are thousands of birds all over the planet; through bird watching, enthusiasts get the opportunity to observe both local and migratory birds in their most natural state.

It is worth noting that this activity involves a lot more than just observing birds in their natural habitat. Bird watchers are also supposed to document what they see for purposes of identification and future reference. To have any success in bird watching, enthusiasts need to master a variety of skills needed to make the entire experience as fruitful as possible.

Read on below to find out some of the important skills you need for bird watching.

Note Taking

Taking field notes is one of the simplest methods of documenting what you observe during a bird watching outing. When making notes on the birds you observe it is important that you include a number of important details that will make identifying the birds much easier. Be sure to note down a description of the bird’s habitat, size, color and markings on the feathers and feet and feeding habits. The details captured in your note book can be used to identify the birds at later date in case they are unknown to you.

Sketching And Drawing

It is worth noting that the notes you jot down as you observe different birds during your bird watching outing might not be enough to provide a clear description. You can take things a notch high by making a sketch of the birds sighted.

Sketches usually capture the specifics of the birds’ features in clearer detail as compared to note taking. The sketch and notes should provide a much clearer picture of the bird.

If you are not confident of your sketching skills, it is recommended that you practice by sketching common domestic birds. This will help you sharpen your sketching skills, before you go bird watching.


Perhaps the best way to capture images of the birds you spot during your next bird watching outing is by using a camera. Today, there are numerous cameras available that can make bird watching all the more interesting.

A powerful camera enables you to capture clear images of birds from a distance. This comes in handy as it enables you to observe birds from a good distance, without disturbing it. Be sure to sharpen your photography skills before you go to capture the best images of your beautiful targets.


All bird watchers can agree that one of the most important bird watching skills you can possess is patience. Observing a bird in its natural habitat takes a lot of patience. In most cases bird watchers have to wait for hours or days if not months to spot some birds. Rare birds may be even more elusive.

Bird watching may seem to be quite a challenging to some, and even frustrating to others, but it is highly rewarding; especially for enthusiasts who have mastered the above skills. Look for best vacation place in Costa Rica Focus and enjoy bird watching and nature.