If you have a diamond ring, you will likely have no problems with the stone falling off. They are typically set by a professional that has done this many times before. However, if it does fall off, or if it is getting loose, it will need to be properly set. This is called stone setting, and if you cannot take this to a professional to do this for you, you can act as your own jeweler if you have the right tools. Here are a few suggestions that you can use in order to set a diamond in a ring.

First Consider The Shape Of The Diamond

The way that a diamond is set into a ring will depend upon its shape. There are typically two types of gemstone cutting. This will include cabochons which are the rounded dome shaped diamonds. These typically have flat backs, and the other type are called facet. In most cases, facet is how the diamond will be cut. The rounded ones typically applied to turquoise, magnets, or other precious stones. If it is faceted, this makes it much easier to set it in place. This is because it has a specific linear shape with angles. Now let’s look at a few of the different types of stone settings that are the most common with different types of jewelry.

Different Types Of Stone Setting

There are a couple different types of stone setting options. The first is called bezel. This is going to be a strip of metal, one that is bent and conformed to the shape of the stone. The other is called prong setting which is the most common. You literally have prongs that are attached to the stone. There are other types called channel and bead, but in most cases, you simply have to bend the prongs to hold the diamond in place.

What If It Has Become Loose?

If it is loose, you are going to need tools that might be long nose pliers. These are easy to use to clamp down on the prongs on either side. If that doesn’t work, you may have to bring it into a jeweler where they can set it for you. If the diamond has fallen out, the same strategy can be used. You simply have to open up the prongs wide enough for the diamond to go back in.

These are the basic ways that you can set a stone in a ring. In this case, it is putting a diamond back or making sure it is not going to fall out. Using long nose pliers, you should be able to set one yourself, or prevented from falling out by crimping the prongs that are holding it in. When all else fails, take it to a jeweler, preferably the one that you purchase this from, and they will likely do this for free. When a professional does this, you will know that it will be done properly, ensuring that it will probably not come out, or even get loose, for many years to come. For detailed information get in touch with http://www.shopedc.com